Friday, April 17, 2009

christina aguilera: how to have a body like christina aguilera

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How to Have a Body Like Christina Aguilera
Workout five days a week. Hire a trainer if possible as Christina works out with trainer Tee Sorge for about 90 minutes on all five days. They do 40-minute intervals of toning and cardio and 10 minutes of stretching.
Do cardiovascular training on all five days and be sure to keep your heart rate up to maximize its effectiveness. Use music by Christina Aguilera to keep you motivated with songs like "Fighter" and "Dirrty" to remind yourself of your strength.
Her body mostly comes from dance as well as elliptical and treadmill workouts.
Add toning exercises on days you workout as well. Christina uses a core board to do lunges, lifts weights and does push-ups. You can also add to your toning by wearing stiletto shoes around most of the day like Christina Aguilera does which both helps your fashion and tones your legs and abs.
Perform 300 ab strengthening exercises in every session to round it out. Her trainer has her doing varying combinations to prevent boredom with activities such as crunches and sit-ups being accompanied by twisting actions to hit all the abdominal muscles.
Eat healthfully six days a week and allow your self a cheat meal or two on the seventh day. Christina takes good care of her body with whole grains, fruits and vegetables but she is also a self-proclaimed fast food junkie, so she allows herself one day a week to indulge to prevent constant binges. Your diet can include string cheese, scrambled eggs, tuna on whole wheat or salads if you want follow Christina's typical diet.

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